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one who reads in bed

Some to while away an hour

others hasten sleep

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Gems in Storage Boxes

Today is Thanksgiving in the USA. For my British friends that’s sort of like Harvest Festival. Anyway, besides doing not much  and then sitting down to a large dinner, I found time today to go through another box of papers from my storage area, i.e. my garage floor. The gem above is what I found. I used to belong to a hobby group of publishers, poets and printers. This piece dates from about 1972-73. This might even be classified as an ancient manuscript.



A quick note:  I wake up quite often during the night; why I don’t know. But, in order to go back to sleep I count syllables (not sheep). I woke up this morning and my bedside note pad had this scrawled on it like public toilet graffiti.

Speculating on

what is or is not is a

waste of energy


Egg sandwiches for tea

Humpty Trumpty wanted a wall

But first he planned his inaugural ball

Not many accepted his command to be there

None of them seemed to want to share

In a dubious victory so full of doubt

Russians all over, just rushing about.

Hacking e-mails and sneaking a peek

At matters quite private of which we don’t speak.

Of course he denies it; says it’s a lie

Trumpty will soon gobble the American pie.

His cabinet of billionaires oh yes and there’s more

Millionaires too because he considers them poor.

Let’s see; classless, mean, a vindictive bully

These titles will help to understand him fully.

He suckered us all with fraud and his con

Tweets with which we were showered upon

But Trumpty’s a liar, he can lie in his sleep

And gullible folk will follow like so many sheep.

Guns are important but he doesn’t shoot

The second amendment, the point is moot.

Trumpty doesn’t like his intelligence pals

He’d rather hang out with Hot Russian gals

Putin got tired of dolls he said “Stuff it”

I want a president to act as my puppet.

If I pull the string will he be sweet?

And go off half-cocked with an irrational tweet.

Chaos is what Putin wants to foment

But Trumpty does not believe that’s his intent.

Trumpty is naïve and not worldly wise

He views the world with a newborn’s eyes.

In God We Trust a national motto

But with Trumpty I think we are playing the Lotto.

I hope he’ll learn and quickly at that

He’s no longer the man in the stupid red hat

It’s serious business he’s involved in now

No chance to mutter the words Holy Cow.

I hope too he’ll abandon his wall

A racist monument bound to appall

Even the stoutest Republican soul.

We’ve reached a point where enough is enough

The time where Dems start to get tough.

Now is the time for that rallying call.

Trumpty climb down, we don’t need a wall.

What would happen if you   should fall?

There’s a good chance you will fall on your face

At that’s the moment you’ll lose your Ace.

All the King’s horses and the GOP

Will have to eat egg sandwiches for tea!


Just Writing Nonsense

Last night, as I lay sleeping;

A thought ran through my head.

Shall I write more haiku or try some rhyme instead? 

And so with plume in hand and ink pot close nearby,

Sand caster at the ready to ensure my ink would dry.

I began. By the light of the silvery moon to let words fall,

Simply where they may. My word there were so many;

I had so much to say.  

I wrote throughout the night, until the sun did rise.

But there before me on my desk, blank paper nothing else.

Just empty sheets there were no words, I’d dreamed it by myself. 

Now, awake with firm resolve, I write a few words down.

However, I cannot think at all;

I have a writer’s block. My brain’s not on the ball  

With eyes wide open I now will try,

I have to take the plunge.

Sadly I realize the truth, there is no word,

 That nicely rhymes with orange.

I think I’m going to cry. 

At that, I balance my sand caster

On the center of my head.

Where I am sure, if it should fall

Will dry my tears instead.