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Hello again.

I have been somewhat absent of late. I have blamed my lack of postings on my frustration with the WordPress Block editor, but in truth I have been lazy or rather, uninspired of late. Maybe, this has something to do with the ongoing Covid 19 situation. All in all, I have to say that It has left me in a very depressed mood.

When I o to work each day because I am in constant contact with the public at large, I wear a mask and take every precaution to protect myself nd others.  I should mention that I am fully vaccinated but prefer to err on the side of caution.

Frankly put; I am dismayed at the total disregard for the seriousness of this pandemic which is displayed by many of the guests who enter my place of work each day.

But that is America! People here tout freedom even if it kills them!

I guess this is just a time to sit and wait. Let us hope that the variant Delta stain is conquered soon. However, I fear that will only happen if the politics is taken out of health care.

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4th September 1949

Seventy-one years

Since the Brabazon took flight

Test pilot, Bill Pegg

Footnote:  I wrote this in April and scheduled it for publication on September 4th, the anniversary of the maiden flight. In the meantime, WordPress changed its format nd my scheduled post disappeared. So here it is resurrected.

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A confession

I was wrong about unusual UK place names posting Stuggadhoo. Technically The Isle of Mann in not part of the U.K.  This comes about because it is a Crown possession and is as such governed independently.

I will do penance and wear ashes and sackcloth for at last 2 hours next Wednesday or tomorrow whichever comes sooner.


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