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Friends and Enemas

Here you’ll find a few words about people I have been associated with at various times in my life. A name is here mainly because I can remember it. Sometime a name is here because that person had a positive long-term effect on my life and sometimes a name is here because that person had a negative effect.

As an aside, I should mention a term which I have used for many years: “Walking Wounded“. I didn’t invent the term but it fits well for the effect some people have had on me and others as you will see. Also, I should explain that at the end of a person’s name I have put the designation WW, E or nothing at all. W is of course for Walking wounded. The E is for Enema because that person was like a pain in the ass.

Once again I’ll have to admit that I did not invent the process but I put people to the beer test, and ask myself the question,Would I go out of my way to have a beer with this person? So that gets a B or nB.

In our early years, the people who have most effect of course are the who are around us daily: they are our parents, siblings, teachers. On a less frequent basis were, doctors, dentists, nurses, shop-keepers and group leaders such as clergy, cub Mistresses and scout Masters. You probably had a few others which I have missed.

Mr. Baldwin – Shopkeeper – My mother used to go grocery shopping at Baldwin’s. Mr. Baldwin was a very dapper man, always well groomed with a moustache. He always wore a white coat when serving in the shop. He knew all of his customers by name and was extremely polite. Whenever I went to his shop with my mother he always produced a biscuit (cookie) from the McVitty- Price box and gave it to me to eat on the walk back home. Today I remember him for his natural easy-flowing customer service style.

Maj. Victor “Skip” Berman R.A. Retd. – Scoutmaster Sacred Heart Scout Troop 45 Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol U.K.

I remember he was a great organizer, well connected , a good networker and a homosexual.  Although I knew him for a long time, he  was not a pain in the ass.

Daniel Kelly – French language teacher at St. Brendan’s College, Bristol U.K. B

Probably one of the first  teachers in my life who knew how to make a subject really interesting and responsible (although not his intention) for creating my passion for travel. Because of him I went on to learn other languages.

Paul Zimmerman – Chief Mattress Buyer, Schneiderman’s Furniture

A controller who manages by fear. Claims that he is a very private person. Does not join things like LinkedIn, Facebook etc. Perhaps he is just shy. He did not have a positive effect on my life; WW, E. nB

Rick Marsh – V.P. Sales First Hospitality Group WWnB

Kelly Mascari Cairo V.P marketing and sales First Hospitality group. WW nB

Dr. Radford – family doctor when my family lived in Henbury Bristol. He had  a surgery (clinic)for visits but he still made house calls. He was a humble, pleasant, gentle, man. The diagnosis for me  when he called was invariably tonsillitis.

Maj. John Anthony “Tony” Spenser Clunn RAMC Retd. Tony Clunn was a Lance Corporal with the 3rd Royal tank Regiment in 1964. He was the first person I met when I reported for basic training in Caterick. I was part of 64/18 Intake. Cpl. Clunn was 2 years younger than me an yet he had an air of maturity and a good sense of authority. Nobody knew much about him and so there were many stories. The one which seemed to resonate best for me was that he had grown up parentless and from cadet days in a military environment. His military career was impressive. Besides 10 promotions he was awarded the MBE and the Federal Cross of Germany. He passed away at his home in 2014.

After basic training I lost sight and contact with Cpl. Clunn. Although he was still a member of the 3rdRTR he seemed to be always absent, presumably on an independent posting somewhere.

Because of my own interest in the Roman occupation of Britain, I was fortunate to come across a book that Tony Clunn had authored. “The Quest for Rome’s Lost legions”.

The 3RTR had previously be stationed in Detmold in Germany. Not too far away  from the town there is a monument  called  Hermannsdenkmal view  It was erected in remembrance of the victory of united Germanic tribes under Arsinius who attacked and defeated three Roman legions under the command of Publius Quintillus Varsus.

Tony had returned to live in close-by Bissendorf and had developed his interest in archeology.

Coincidentally, a replica of the monument was erected by German immigrants in the town of New Ulm, Minnesota not far from where I reside. The locals somewhat irreverently refer to the monument as Herman the German.