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Journalism student tries a headline

Doctors wanted to try a Bottle of Bleach on Trump’s Brain but were Unable to find One.


Just joking1.

I went into bar the other day and asked the bar-tender for a double. He went in the back room behind the bar and came back with a guy who looked just like me.


Obscure words explained 86. – jabberwocky


Some writing or speech

containing meaningless words

Trump is it’s master


A bit of Americal – Unusual place names in Ohio1. – Knockemstiff

Change of gears. Who remembers Alistair Cook’s “Letter from America” well here’ s Bristolians version in A bit of Americal. I have started with a previous theme of unusual place names. We have plenty of these in the USA.

KNOCKEMSTIFF,  Ross county, Ohio

Slang term for Moonshine

illegal liquor from maize

distilled in secret



Mademoiselle Yvonne

In 1983 the tour company I worked at closed its doors. I quickly found another position with a company in Boston Massachusetts. They wanted a program manager who could reside and work in Europe without going through the necessity of applying for visas etc. They also wanted someone who was familiar with the culture etc. Since I had lived and worked in France and Germany an spoke four other languages including English Yiddish and rubbish, they hired me,

The company was headquartered in Boston. On Tremont street, there used to be a bar called Locke Ober’s. It was a popular watering hole.  Incidentally just up the street was the Parker House, a long time Boston establishment hotel . It is there many years ago the once leader of North Viet-nam, Ho Chi Mihn worked as a bus-boy in the restaurant clearing tables. But I digress. At Locke Ober’s was the famous picture of Mademoiselle Yvonne. well known as the Lady of Locke Ober. If you can read the inscription you’ll see it’s quite pleasant and perhaps thought provoking.

The Inscription:

Mademoiselle Yvonne

Demure despite her nudity

She gazes quite sans erudity

upon the skulls both thatched and bald

of patrons who are often called, great gourmets.

She’s not the lady of Shalott,

she’s what a wife is often not.

Watching the world come and go by without emotion,

She is the ideal of our dreams.


Sword words – en garde!


Broadsword Claymore Foil

Scimitar Sabre Cutlass

Epée Rapier

Note:  Just mucking about on my day off.


The New Hangover


Son woke sick today

Asked him Coronavirus?

Budweiser virus!

Note: Corona is a brand of beer from Mexico.  I don’t know where it’s distributed throughout the world