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Say it isn’t so

August 28, 2016 Leave a comment

I heard recently on the news that Donald Trump does not like to read books.

Okay, so I am willing to take that information with a pinch of salt and put it down to a news organization trying to discredit him by publishing negative things about him. But what if it is true? Say it isn’t so!

Of course it would explain a lot about his uninformed tactless manner. He may have figured that h didn’t need any cultural input to round out his education. Some people have a natural knack for what is commonly termed “street smarts” .  Donald Trump seems to lack these too. Maybe he’s never been on a street, except inside a limousine. Just sayin’.


Black Lives Matter will soon have no meaning!

August 27, 2016 Leave a comment

The 49’s QB,Colin Kaepernick is doing  the Black Lives’ Matter movement a disservice by his actions during the playing of our national Anthem. His action is more like that of an overpaid spoiled brat.
He would do better to make a thoughtful statement that everybody can support rather than one which claims that police action is systemically racist and therefore about him. Give me a break. I for one will be boycotting the 49’s from now on.

It’s people like Kaepernick who create and foster racism through offensive behavior. Soon, when he has finished biting the hand that feeds him and he’s out of a job, he will probably claim that the people who caused and allowed that to happen were racist. Don’t let me hear anymore about this loser. Maybe he’ll do better at the Ebonics University across the water in Oakland. Just sayin’


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