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Unusual U.K. place names 90. – Great Snoring


Was Snoring Magna

from Saxon named Snaringa

Noted for water-Mill.






Krek waiters peak bristle

Another departure:  Some (many) years ago  a book was written, I’ll find the author’ s name one of these days. which spoke about the way people from Bristol speak.

One of the curiosities of the Bristol dialect is the propensity of Bristolians to add an “l” to a final “a” in place of a glottal stop. This curious fact has led me to this post in light of the pandemic now about us;  Has anybody from Bristol  heard the word Coronavirus pronounced “coronalvirus?

Note: The title of this post is the aforementioned title of the book. It translates as, The correct way to speak  Bristol.


Uncommon Sense 1.

I thought I might be useful to change my theme for a while: Considering our pandemic with the corona virus. It’s a very serious matter and our thoughts actions and words should be appropriately aligned.
Therefore, I dug up a book from my library written by Joseph Telushkin entitled “Uncommon Sense”. If you are interested, hi book was published by Shapolsky publishers, New York, 1987.
I will share some of these/those quotes which I think express the importance of our attitude, thoughts and actions during these testing times.
1. The question of bread for yourself is a material question, But the question of bread for your neighbour is a spiritual one.
i. Nkolai Berdyaev 1874-1948

Note: You might find it interesting to check out these people. They had interesting things to say.

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A confession

I was wrong about unusual UK place names posting Stuggadhoo. Technically The Isle of Mann in not part of the U.K.  This comes about because it is a Crown possession and is as such governed independently.

I will do penance and wear ashes and sackcloth for at last 2 hours next Wednesday or tomorrow whichever comes sooner.


Sword words – en garde!


Broadsword Claymore Foil

Scimitar Sabre Cutlass

Epée Rapier

Note:  Just mucking about on my day off.

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Unusual U.K. place names 78. – Babcary

BABCARY, Somersetshire

Site of Wimble Toot

Glastonbury Zodiac

Bronze-age round barrow

Note: Toot derived from Old English tot meaning,  a lookout point.

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Unusual U.K. place names 76. – Cleobury Mortimer


Name from Old English

Clifu meaning a steep place

Church  has crooked spire