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Only in America

Annoying Redundancies, Bad grammar,Curious Words and Phrases

  • Why do people ask Where are you at?  When it is sufficient to ask Where are you?
  • I have boughten there before.- A new past tense for the verb to buy
  • I don’t got any. I don’t have any either.
  • I don’t have none. Does this mean I have some?
  • I borrowed him my last five dollars.- I always lend my ears to this one.
  • I was on the phone conversating with a friend.
  • I seen him yesterday.
  • Me and him went fishing last week.
  • Speak to Tom or I if you have any questions.- So if Tom were not there you could just speak  with I, me suppose.
  • “If I was rich I’d buy it”;- If I were a rich man I would buy it for you!
  • Please do your upmost to attend. – O.K. I will do my utmost to be there.
  • We’ll meet at your guyses house
  • There was an accident today on Highway 12 in the exact same spot as an accident in 2012″.Isn’t exact same,  the same as same?
  • Irregardless of the outcome. A new take on a double negative.
  • So  I come around the corner and I saw it.
  • Heard on the TV News: “My little girl got shot. Now she gots a scar on her foot that ain’t never going nowhere.”
  • At a restaurant recently the waitress asked – “Are you two ready to order?” Why you two I wonder, when “Are you ready to order?” is sufficient.
  • The Opening line of an article I read recently; “A teenage boy lived alone with his father” – Whoa! How can you live alone with someone else?
  •  “I’m a Working Mother”- If you’re a mother, work is a given.
  • A recent news story reported on television about Ryan Lochte the Olympic Games swimmer  who fabricated a story about an incident he and fellow team member were involved in, is reported to have said later that he had over-exaggerated the event.  Isn’t exaggerate a finite term? It’s like the girl who says she’s a little bit pregnant.