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Legendary Giants

There is a legend in the Bristol area about how the Avon Gorge was formed. There are several versions of the story which have been handed down since medieval times. One version tells of two brothers, who were giants named Vincent and Goram. By all accounts, Goram fell asleep while Vincent continued to toil away digging the gorge. When Vincent realized that he was doing all the work he became angry and threw his pick-axe at Goram, accidentally striking him between the eyes and killing him.

In another version of the story, legend has it that the two brothers fell in love with a young girl named Avona. Avona was from Wiltshire and she would choose one of the brothers if they would dig a ditch to drain a lake which stretched from Bradford on Avon to Rownham Hill. Goram started to dig Hazel Brook. Taking a rest, he drank so much beer that he fell asleep. Meanwhile, Vincent finished digging the Avon Gorge by himself which won the heart of Avona. When Goram awoke from his nap and realized that he had lost Avona he stamped his foot creating the Giant’s Soap dish. In his remorse at the loss of Avona he threw himself into the Bristol Channel where he drowned. His body turned to stone over time. His head and shoulder can still be seen above the waves as the islands of steep Holm and Flat Holm.


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