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The River Severn

The River Severn at 220 miles,is the longest river in Britain. It rises in the Cambrian mountains of South wales at a place called Plynlimon. It’s about 2000 feet above sea level.  The Romans called it Sabrina Fluvius. It’s a remarkable river beginning as a small spring;  It tumbles downwards to the sea just 12 miles away as the crow flies. From its boggy start it gouges V-shaped valleys and gorges in a great loop passing through many towns and cities before forming a flood plain where it meanders across flat farmland. The Severn Estuary ends at Sand Point just north of Weston Super mare and becomes he Bristol Channel flowing in from the Irish Sea. TheSevern estuary s a tidal river, with the second highest tide in the world.  Between low tide and high tide the water rises about 15 meters or just over 49 feet. The tidal swell begins in the Atlantic ocean and pushes water quickly up river. The flow has been measured as fast as 10 miles per hour.



Was settled by the Dobunni people; Although there is some confusion whether they were actually called the Bodunni. They were well organized, occupying a large area. Their capital was what today is known as Cirencester. The Romans named this Corrinium Dobunniorum  The city’s old English name was Weorgoran Ceaster Meaning the people of the winding river. Because the river often overflowed its banks flooding the surrounding area, the town gradually migrated to higher ground and today sits on a hilly area overlooking the winding River Severn. Worcester is situated on the former trade route known as Ryknild Street, a former Roman road between Gloucester Glevum and Wroxeter  Virconium.


As a small child I went to live in Burnham-on-Sea at the Jan Christiaan Smuts home for children. Each day we were  all taken for a walk, two-by-two along the road to the beach. As we got to the beach there was a light house which guided shipping in the channel on dark or foggy days and nights. view





Severn Beach



Weston Super Mare




To be continued…..