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I should open a Wildlife Park

This beautiful creature has been hanging-out for a short while. Lots of good stuff to eat here. She’s very calm, coming within 20 feet of my patio door.

For those who are interested; she is a white tail deer.


The last time I saw my oldest sister

the last time I saw my oldest sister was in 2000. She came to visit me from the U.K.  She brought me a gift, which some people thought was rather odd but, something that has not only been very useful to me and has allowed me to remain connected to my roots in the city of Bristol where I was born. That gift was a book of street maps of Bristol.

If thees wanna find summat, use this un.

Bristol Street maps

It’s quite old and probably out of  date however, I like to see and read posts each day about the Bristol street art scene (you can see them at Natural Adventures on WordPress). I have forgotten where a lot of the places that are posted are. So I use my old street maps guide.  My sister passed away last year. What some considered an odd gift turned out to be a very thoughtful one. So much so,  that I felt compelled to return the thoughtful favour by sharing it here today.




Early Morning Visitor update

Seems I was wrong. Mama racoon already had her babies (kits). She was just checking things out before making a debut with her three kits. In another week or so she will take to the trees with her family. this will keep them safe from hungry coyotes and foxes.

Picture is a little blurred as I am not able to focus with my low vision. But I think you can see the whole family.