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In Recovery from PTSD (part 2.)

Here’s what I think is going on
Donald Trump, fraudster, con man and Snake-oil salesman supreme is a dishonest, narcissistic opportunistic man-child who accidentally stumbled on the notion that he could become president of the United States of America. Given his own misgivings about achieving that high office, he pursued it anyway. Over time he gradually got used to the idea that he would become one of the most powerful persons on earth; even though he still did not expect to achieve that post.
By fair means or foul, he was elected 45th President of the United States of America. And almost immediately he realized that he now had an immense power at his disposal.
Unfortunately for the population of the United States, we were unable at that point in time to do much about what we did not know was happening or had already happened.
Most residents of the United States were unaware that any intervention had taken place in our 2016 election process. More surprising for most of them is that it happened through the social media platforms to be found in almost every American household. Namely Facebook and Twitter.
To cut a long story short, A Special Counsel was nominated to investigate the extent etc., of foreign interference. Without going into all the legalese (because I am not a lawyer or trained in law) Jeff sessions who was the Attorney General of the United States (correctly) recused himself from this procedure on the grounds that he would be a witness in any ongoing investigation. The result of his recusal called for the appointment of a deputy Attorney General Attorney who in turn nominated and appointed the Hon. Robert Mueller III as Special Counsel.
No word was heard from Mr. Mueller’s office for about 22 months. We waited patiently for his report.
In the meantime, several very curious events occurred: The FBI Director James Comey was fired (by Tweet). William Barr was proposed and appointed Attorney general of the United States to replace the recused Jeff Sessions. Donald Trump also fired all US Attorneys-General and all Ambassadors to foreign countries. Also, he nominated and had appointed several key positions such as Supreme court judges, cabinet posts, several Secretary levels posts and directors of the CIA and the FBI.

One of the curious cabinet posts came to us in the person of Rex Tillerson. He was formerly the CEO of Exxon Mobil. He was appointed to be the premier diplomat of the United Sates as Secretary of state. The rationale given at the time was that he had had extensive dealings with Russia. Later developments will explain the reason why I thought it a curious appointment.
Trump is not given to reading, listening or believing. By all accounts, he does like to watch cable news especially FOX and FRIENDS with Sean Hannity and copious amounts of Rush Limbaugh. Having said that, Trump disparages almost everyone for having (in his opinion) a low IQ (in other words he believes no-one is smarter than he). Instead of listening to his intelligence organizations and believing what he is told, he prefers to be guided by his gut-feeling.
Since Trump has been in office more than 40 people have been fired or resigned from his administration.
It is becoming clearer each day to the American public the Trump is not qualified nor is he competent to carry out the duties of the President of the United States.
For example: he has no basic skills such as tact, respect, honesty, empathy, kindness, or generosity. He has demonstrated himself to be a nasty, bullying petti-minded, puerile philandering, racist, misogynistic, self-serving, cheat, thief, liar, and all-round know-it-all. He lacks administrative abilities and has no understanding of the world at large. He ably demonstrates his origins as a wealthy, spoiled brat.
I would like to point out a paradoxical reporting or series of media reports in which the successful business-man Donald J. Trump lost $916M. I don’t believe that Trump lost this money but rather laundered it via middlemen to Russia. A possible way he did this was to engineer losses by his casino(s) to Russian middlemen. If this is true, it would explain the hold that Vladimir Putin has over him. It would seem like his Trump Tower deal fell through and Putin has played Trump for a useful idiot by telling him “Kiss your money goodbye or I’ll spill the beans, unless you do what I tell you to do”. In short Donald Trump may be selling us down the river.
Sadly, Trump, as Tillerson said, is an ‘effing moron.
Now to Tillerson and Exxon-Mobile. Trump it seems at some point in time was anxious to conclude a $400B deal for Russian oil. Tillerson being a more honorable person probably indicated No Way Mr. President and was soon out of the door. Then Trump thwarted by this setback (read betrayal) indicated that he would like to release our oil reserves. This would have created a shortage and provide an opening for Trump to enter into the deal with Russia. That did not happen.
Has anybody noticed how anxious Trump is to begin a new war.? Trump understands that those with big bucks at the beginning of a war end up with even more bucks at the end of a war.
In more recent days we saw reporting on an attack on Aramco in Saudi. This smacks of the of Gulf of Tonkin incident and the begin of the Vietnam war. What happened? Prices at the pump went up. You figure it out. Koch brothers are happy.
A brief mention of Trump’s wall. He will probably make millions or billions in kickbacks.
Trump is an unfortunate being. His lack of ability to understand almost all aspects of life except for lust and greed, both of which lead him to an abuse of his power. His ignorance is likely to lead to a downward spiral of a once great nation. The Republic of the United States of America which sought freedom from the tyranny of King George III of Great Britain, has the possibly of being destroyed by this person who would be King.
We must consider his actions, appointments, conduct and conclude he must be voted out of office. While he considers himself to be above the law and has committed crimes and misdemeanors and possibly treason; he must be voted out of office and brought before the nation to be tried and judged and then handed a lawful sentence for his misdeeds and failure to uphold his oath of office.



In recovery from PTSD

In Recovery from PTSD
You may have noticed; I have not posted anything for quite some time. This has been due to dealing with an ongoing incidence of PTSD. And, for clarification, PTSD stands for Post Trump distress Disorder.
Even before the 2016 election which brought Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States, I had a feeling that the way he ran his campaign was indicative of the way in which he would preside as president. I did not vote for him. However, many of my friends did ( I will return to this point later).
Before Donald Trump we had George W. Bush as president. I considered George Bush to be the worst president in recent times. I have since changed my mind and now consider Donald trump to have been the worst.
There is a special committee whose mission is to investigate the riot which happened on January 6th, 2022, at the nation’s capital. This riot it seems was part of Donald Trump’s attempt to stage a coup d’état and remain as president of the united states of America.
Looking back, one must ask oneself, where did Trump get his idea? Was it during his closed-door meetings with Vladmir Putin? Was it during his visit with Kim Jong Un of north Korea? As an aside, do you recall the admiration he had for the way people of north Korea obeyed Kim’s every whim (that it was out of fear was never mentioned by Trump). Somewhere along the way, Trump became indoctrinated with totalitarian ideas.
Had Trump’s attempted coup been successful, we can only imagine that our democracy would be gone and given time, Trump would create a family dynasty supported by loyal oligarchs. Then of course, declare himself president for life. In the meantime, he would discontinue support for NATO, terminate many of the social services we have established and begin a true plunder of the nation’s wealth and resources.
According to the January 6th committee, Trump together with some of his advisors, supported by several GOP members of congress planned and put into action a plot to hold onto the presidency by preventing the Vice president from certifying the election. Part of this plan involved an ongoing propagandist barrage of lies and other false information.
Groups of Trump’s supporters believed this untrue and misleading information and gathered in Washington DC prepared to support Trump’s claims of a stolen and fraudulent election.
Most upsetting about this event is that Trump knew otherwise and yet he did nothing to terminate it once it became apparent that the situation had gotten out-of-hand and people were getting injured.
More than a year ago I started writing a post about Trump and what I thought was going on. I Saved it as a draft and for whatever reason did not find the appropriate opportunity to publish it. I will insert it here as I believe it contains pertinent information. (Part 2. To follow)


Did I miss something?

I am an immigrant to the USA. I came to the United States of America while employed by Lufthansa German Airlines. As it turned out, by the time my visa was approved I actually started to work for Air France when I arrived in the USA. This was because Air France needed a French speaking employee. It’s a long story so I’ll spare you the details.

One of the first actions I took on arrival was to register myself (required by law) for the draft. My draft number was 252. Later I received a letter to tell me that my draft status had changed due to prior service in NATO and that I was now head of family. The Vietnam war however, continued.

It took me a while to settle in to the American way of life. There were many wonderful things to get used to.

I should mention that did not opt to leave the U.K. for discontent, simply that I was sked if I would like to go where I could be helpful. I had previously worked in Hamburg for the same reason.

Now to the point f this posting; America was a Great Country, a world leader, a great participant in world affairs and a great contributor and supporter of Democracy and the fight against Communism, poor health and poverty.

So it was with some reason to wonder why Don the Con launched his presidential bid with the slogan to Make America great Again.

Looking back on the events of this past week clearly demonstrates that this was ot his goal. In fact, the opposite has happened during his presidency: the USA is the laughing stock of our former allies throughout Europe and Scandinavia in NATO. The USA is the talk and mirth at vodka drinking parties hosted by Vladimir Putin about how that managed to compromise a a future resident to the point of treason. Donald Trump is a disappointment! He is clear and present danger.

And yet I have friends who still say things like, Yes but what about Hilary Clinton’s emails and one who says, what about ANTIFA – anti first ammendment.

Gimme a break. Did I miss something?


An Election is Coming

An Election is coming

Con Donny’s getting fat

put another cheeseburger in the MAGA man’s hat.

Another gram of LDL won’t kill him that’s for sure

Only trouble is, HDL is out the door.

Another dose of hydroxychloroquine

or Panequil as it is known

A Sanofi  investment owned by Con Donny himself

The Stock market has shown.



Obscure words explained 100. – aeolian


Caused by wind, wind-blown

Good excuse for Bad-Hair day

Natures freedom mode