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Unusual U.K. place names 74. – Stuggadhoo

STUGGADHOO, Isle of Mann

on he Isle of mann

many nations have ruled here

Famous for Manx cats



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Home for Rent

Home for rent quite cheap

In messy woodland garden

beware! Cats about.IMG_1950



Better Days Tomorrow


The sun is bright but the wind is cold.

Fine when I was young but now I’m growing old.

The weather chills me to the bone

And as I sit at home alone

I snuggle warm close to the fire

A cat purring like a feline choir.

I place sacrificial logs with care,

To burn with blue smoke and their heat to share

With all the empty corners of my dwelling.

What Joy! I hear a church bell knelling

] the death of winter. Jack Frost be gone.

And take your flaky friends.

Just step aside, make clear the way,

Spring would like to have her say.

Plants are stirring in the ground.

Soon I’ll see my garden crowned

With Snowdrops white and pure

Only then will I be sure

That spring will be here soon

And summer’s heated days of June.

When the sun makes it too warm to bask

There’s a question I’ll no doubt ask

Jack Frost where did you go?

I know this might sound quite bold

But deep down I prefer the cold.

Even if the cold winds blow

Winter’s snow is one great show.

You can’t hear snowflakes when they fall

They arrive in silence to cover all

To hide the ugly sites we make

And all the features which are fake.

Like diamonds scattered everywhere

Crystal beauty free to share

With all of those with eyes to see

One does not ask how this can be.

Nature’s majesty and splendor

Behind each season’s door.

Cold, hot warm and even wet:

Each day I wake gets better yet.