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Tea with Socrates

Tearing off the page with my taoism scrawl, this was two pages further on my note-pad;


What fun it would be

if Socrates came to tea.

Questions, more and more




A quick note:  I wake up quite often during the night; why I don’t know. But, in order to go back to sleep I count syllables (not sheep). I woke up this morning and my bedside note pad had this scrawled on it like public toilet graffiti.

Speculating on

what is or is not is a

waste of energy


the Three R’s (a new take)

THE THREE R’s (a new take)

I cannot tell you what joy it is to write words down in rhyme;

The practice perfected in past medieval times.

Court jesters, Rhymesters, bards and gleemen all trained in how to tell

In epic ways, of battles in which their heroes fell.

Tales of glory handed down from father then to son;

But nowadays we do it, just because it’s fun.

Poems are but retellings, of things we live in life.

Of new-found love and sometimes alas, about a shrewish wife.

Of many things that ail us and the past which brought us pain

But looking on the bright side, the things we’d do again.

We also know of joy and happiness galore

We’ll never know for certain though if we don’t pass through that door.

And therein lies the rub; holding back to no avail.

So take the chance, just sally forth, like a galleon under sail.

I start by simply sitting, day-dreaming of my youth

Then with a pen and paper I go about my proof.

It takes a bit of thinking and lots of trial and error

But after words are changed about it soon looks much the fairer.

There are many rules for poetry, which happily we ignore

Nothing would get written if we did not, of that I am quite sure.

A little trick I find, is to write then walk away;

Save what I’ve written in a drawer until another day.

I also find that reading, works of every kind

Helps to order random thoughts that run throughout my mind.

Why don’t you join me, share in all my joy?

Start by sitting down to play with words just like a toy.

Maybe then you will find out that what I say is true

But Reading, Riting and Rhymatic is entirely up to you.

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I was at Barnes and Noble bookstore at the Mall of America today – Bloomington, Minnesota and found a book with the interesting title: A Great and Terrible King by Marc Morris. It’s out King Edward I who was responsible among other things for uniting (albeit against their will) the Scots, the Welsh an the Irish into what became known as the United Kingdom.  I’ll let you know what I think of it later.

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Books I have been reading –

I have always been a reader. Among some of the gifts I got during Christmas 1953, was a gift certificate to use at George’s bookshop. George’s is not there anymore, but it used to be located at the top of park Street in Bristol, on the corner of Berkeley Square just before you get to There and Back Again lane. At the time, I was about 9 years old. My very first book that I bought was called The White Cockade. It’s still in print today.

More recently however, I have read (or re-read) The Fingerprints of the Gods, Supernatural and Magicians of the Gods all by Graham Hancock. The Egypt Code by Robert Bauval, the Secret Teachers of the Western World by Gary Lachman and The Occult by Colin Wilson. Around the house are partially read Mao by Jung Chang and Jon Halliday , Isis Unveiled by Helena Blavatsky, Hebrew Myths; The Genesis Story by Robert Graves. In the pipeline I have The Secret Doctrine (Blavatsky) and while I have an electronic version on my Nook app., I was recently able to find an affordable copy of The Mabinogion, a translation from the Welsh by Lady Charlotte Guest. By the way I found some of these books at http://www.wordery.com This site does not necessarily have the cheapest prices but they do offer an extraordinary inventory of books. they include free delivery (hence not the cheapest) worldwide. Many of the more obscure or should I say rare books they offer are printed on demand. In addition I was able to find a highly discounted copy of The Divine Comedy at Barnes and Noble in Maplewood, Minnesota.

Today is June 15th, a special day! The mail man brought a new book for me. The Golden Bough by Sir James G. Frazer. I found it at Wordery.com. It took then only 8 days to deliver. Essentially it’s book about religion. However, it’s a book written over 100 years ago and deals with the business of cultural ritual,  which was a very natural  and accepted form of magic practiced by priests of given cults and shamans of individual tribes. It was originally published in 13 volumes. Happily I received  an 800 page abridged version.