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Just sayin’

Recently, I have purposely made an effort to stay away from all things Trump, simply because I find everything thing about  him to be stressful. However, yesterday morning I made an exception to watch and listen to  the testimony given my Michael Cohen before the Congressional oversight committee.

Without belaboring what was said etc., I came to the conclusion that we no longer have a two-party system called Democrats (DFL) and Republicans (GOP). Instead we have Democrats and what appears to be The Rabid Junk-yard Dogs (RJD).

The gang -of-four: namely, Meadows, Jordan. Hice and Higgins are disgraceful representatives of our legislature. What an angry, vicious and generally nasty people they are. We deserve better.

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Lemme see. What shall I get up to today?

This morning, before I can get up to anything (worthwhile that is) I have to keep an appointment with my counselor at the Work Force Center.

Well, my meeting went well and I now have a plan in place to help get me back to work.

so I waited for my Metro Mobility bus (I don’t see well enough to drive my car) which incidentally showed up on time. I came home and was greeted by Mr. McCafferty. Mr. McCafferty I got Mr. McCafferty from an animal shelter soon after my discharge from hospital. I think he was raised with a dog because he acts just like a dog. Always he comes to greet me whenever I arrive at home.
So today I cut the grass and trimmed all the edges, that is until my twine ran out. OH well, there’s always tomorrow.