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Why I wear boots in the Desert

You are not alone

In the desert. Unseen eyes

stand guard, watching you.

scorpions, spiders and snakes

will strike  at the unwary.


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A Tanka about Tanks

rtr-flagMany years ago, I joined the 3rd Royal tank Regiment. Many of the soldiers in the unit were like me, from the West Country (of the U.K.). We were nick-named “The “Armoured Farmers“.
On November the 20th, 1917 tanks were used for the very first time in battle.
The Tank regiment motto is Fear Naught. Its regimental colours are Brown, red and green. Through the mud and the blood to the green fields beyond.

Nineteen seventeen
Tanks were first used in battle.
Germans were surprised,
at the Battle of Cambrai.
Through mud and blood to green fields.