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Welcome to St. Paul, Minnesota

What a great time we had yesterday!

Had breakfast with my two house-guests from Beijing. Made our way over to Ft. Snelling and joined at least 5 bus-loads of school children on a field trip. We toured the fort and learned a few things in the process. As a side note I should mention that senior discounts and college student discounts apply. All in all we had a lot of fun and we were highly entertained by one of the guides acting as a soldier complete with period uniform, as he put a group of boys and girls through their paces, marching up and down. The grand finale of his portion of the tour was to fire his musket, much to the delight of all within earshot.

After leaving the Fort Snelling, we took a short car ride down Hiawatha to Minnehhaha falls. Remarkable to think that this fast flowing water freezes over in the winter time.


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Today should be a great day. I have house guests from China and I plan on taking them  for a sightseeing visit of Saint Paul and for a river boat ride on the Minnesota river to St. Anthony falls.  Weather looks good  (should reach 85F) no rain is forecast. The boat  ride will start at Harriet Island and go  upstream to St. Anthony falls. My Chinese guests re from Beijing and have little opportunity for the riparian pursuits that we enjoy as  “a-matter-of-fact” here in Minnesota. Let’s hear it for the good life.

Word clouds work wonders. Just like  tonic from an old-fashioned country doctor!