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Where will wisdom be found?

I have become like
the Last of the Summer wine
In my Autumn years.

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I thought it would be a good idea to empty my haiku drafts so that I could think of new material. I hope this is not so overwhelming (or underwhelming) that is drives you to distraction.

I’ll probably disappear for a day or two while I re-invent myself.

Now. lemme see. Where’s my phoenix arises source book? Ah! there it is. Good bed-time reading.


Way Back Then

A short story in Haiku style
My first memory.
Jan C. Smuts Home for Children
In Burnham-on-Sea.

Breakfast with some kids.
Walking to the beach lighthouse.
Breathing damp sea air.

Big people took me
to live with as family.
I had siblings now.

We had dogs and cats
And we had a garden too.
I was happy there.

Then I had an urge
The wide world called me to leave
Look where it brought me.

I found new friendships
Bloggers using words galore.
Thank you one and all.