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I have been away for the last 14 days

Actually, I have not left my house! Some years ago, my step-son asked if he could use the garage to fix cars with a friend. After a quick mental check of the pros and cons, I agreed. Well I figured, the two boys will be at home (mostly) where they could not be up to mischief or getting into trouble.

So,  fix cars they did; mostly their cars making them lower to the ground, noisier, leaner(not cleaner) and highly decorated with stripes, checkered-designs and multiple wire-caged headlights and spot lamps. This lasted for only about 3 weeks and I never saw any of their cars in the garage ever again.

What I did se however, were bare walls. Literally every tool that I owned was either on the workbench or on the floor of the garage. Sundry bottles and cans of anti-freeze, transmission fluids, engine oil, brake cleaner, WD-40  (the list goes on) was there too. There were pans, cans and boxes with auto-parts, nuts and bolts, washers etc.

Even though I asked nicely(at first) then more sternly and eventually to the point of pleading; there the mess stayed for at least two years.

Needing the garage space to park my own car, I eventually moved everything to one side figuring that I would have to sort out the mess myself.  

By now, you dear reader will have guessed where I have been. And, I might add, I am still not finished. But today I decided on a day off from the garage.

Tomorrow I will recall the words of Shakespeare: Once more into the breach dear friends, once more and fill that hole with our English dead.