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Obscure words explained 24. – benthos


the community

of organisms found in

foreshore tidal pools


My Wildlife Park update

I have been trying for sometime to get a clear picture of this rare but frequent visitor. He’s been around for a number of years. He’s the only white squirrel I have ever seen. About 12 feet above him is a bird feeder, so he’s eating up what the birds drop.


Dandelions – dents de lion


I have been away for a little while. I was not in a situation where I could write daily, so I dug this out of that place called drafts.

In the meantime on an entirely different note I read with great interest that a group of psychotherapists in the USA have reached the conclusion that Donald Trump has a disorder called Malignant narcissism. I invite you to look it up; it’s terrifying.

Dandelions – dents de lion

Yellow flowers bloom
then turn to white balls of seed
borne off by the  breeze.