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The Mind Boggles

The mind boggles! What an embarrassment Donald Trump must be for the Republican Party! It is becoming clearer as each day goes by that Donald Trump is so out of touch with the people of the United States and in a different way, with the rest of the world. It is sad that a candidate for one of the most powerful positions in the world, displays himself as such a bombastic moron. Unfortunately his tremendous wealth has not served him well. Oh certainly he has never been without or had to wonder where his next meal would come from or whether he could pay the rent this month. No, his wealth has isolated him into an unrealistic world; a world where he did not have to participate as part of the community but rather one where he only knew how to order whatever he wanted and it was provided.

He has made it quite clear that he is a needy, bullying tyrant. I for one cannot imagine him as the chief executive and commander in chief of the United States and its military resources. Electing Donald Trump would make overthrowing Saddam Hussein seem pointless; which as it turns out seems to be the case anyway.

Donald Trump has demonstrated that he has almost no understanding of history or cultural affairs. It is as though he has lived his life thus far in a bubble.

Garrison Keillor was correct. The red Baseball cap makes him look like a duffer. If when you think about it, Donald Trump probably feels that by donning a baseball cap, he becomes part of or thinks he has established his membership in the boy’s club. A club pandering to his ego. Donald Trump it seems needs to bathe in the warm, fuzzy glow of what he considers deserved adoration.

The recent revelation that he sustained business losses of $916 million, brought me no joy. Of course, it raises questions: were these Bona Fide losses or have they been/were they trumped up (no pun intended) as part of his “genius” business strategy to make risky choices, knowing he could recoup his losses through bankruptcies and tax loop-holes? Such risky behavior would make me virtually uninsurable. If Donald Trump has such a cavalier attitude to business finance and wealth; it leads me to believe that he has never earned a penny in his life, never got up at 4:30 in the morning to milk cows, never been so tired as to almost fall asleep on guard duty while his trusting army comrades slept.

What a dismal prospect he is. His tendency towards sociopathic behavior is sad to the point of being depressing.    His statements about prisoners of war being losers and soldiers with PTSD being weak; His statement that he knows more than anyone about ISIS; His total disrespect for the senior officers of our armed forces; His bravado and misplaced hero- worship are frightening.

In the event that Donald Trump were elected to POTUS, I could see that if he is not impeached early in his term (for whatever reasons), there will be a major war initiated by him due to his lack of worldly understanding and intolerance. This could be with North Korea, Russia or in the Middle East. It certainly would not surprise me to see democracy pushed aside in favour of a fascist-style form of government. His regressive idea about building a wall between the United States and Mexico is childish and stupid. It proved to be a temporary fix for the Chinese and eventually failed the Communists in the case of Berlin.

Donald Trump’s plan for Mexico to pay for his proposed wall sounds more like grand theft auto. I think his plan is to renege on trade deficit payments we owe Mexico. Or maybe to try declaring bankruptcy for the US. The word moron keeps on trying to force its way onto the scene. Uh! I dunno. Maybe it’s me who’s been living in a bubble.  Just sayin’