Fa – the Green Dragon

A Place for the Odd Musings of an Expat Bristolian

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Unusual U.S. Place names 7 – Pipestone

PIPESTONE – (Pipestone County) Minnesota

Named for stone quarried

for hand-carved calumet pipes

Ritual peace pipes

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Unusual U.K. place names 78. – Babcary

BABCARY, Somersetshire

Site of Wimble Toot

Glastonbury Zodiac

Bronze-age round barrow

Note: Toot derived from Old English tot meaning,  a lookout point.


Obscure words explained 81. – cavil


Blow against the fur*

he cavils at all I say

only to find fault

Note: To blow against the fur comes from the practice of furriers to blow against a pelt to find imperfections.


Unusual U.K. place names 65. – Uttoxeter

UTTOXETER, Staffordshire

Varied history

Luttuc’s homestead on the heath

Roman garrison