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Obsure words explained79. – philippic


Searing critical

speech, like we hear about Trump.

Weary of his lies!


A departure

As a departure from my usual scribblings about unusual U.K. place names and Obscure words, I thought it might be useful to write something about my philosophical point of view.
I suppose my motive is to be better understood by the casual reader. For those of you who follow my blog, I am grateful and for those of you who add personal insight through your comments, I am uplifted and inspired.
A cynic or was is a psychotherapist recently wrote that the reason people blog is that they want, desire, crave attention. I am not sure that I can accept this; since I view blogging to be more of a means to communicate intelligent information and dare, I say spark interaction with random people in the blogging universe.
We are I believe living in desperate times.
As a citizen and resident of the United States I fear for the country. Of which I am a naturalized citizen, but I now have doubts.
I am living in what is referred to as “my Autumn years”. I had great expectations but, sadly I am disillusioned. I find myself living in a country teetering on the edge of collapse because of a narcissistic corrupt president who does not understand the necessity to follow the rule of law and to act in a dignified manner when representing his country.
My alternatives are many but, the most natural would be to return to my homeland The United Kingdom of Great Britain. However, there is political upheaval there too; for which I have no comment as I  am ignorant of all the facts.
Suffice it to say, I” m in pain. I feel saddened and frustrated by the state of world affairs for which I have no solution and see no speedy resolution.
What has happened to reason? Why is it that people no longer seem to be thinking rationally?
Well, I’ll leave that up to you to answer. Thank you


Obscure words explained 74. – mythomane


Donald Trump is one

strong propensity to lie

or exagerate


Obscure words explained 57. – chutzpah


Show flagrant boldness

Audacious propaganda

telling barefaced lies

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Obscure words explained 56. – ipso facto


By the fact itself.

One who is caught red-handed

commiting a crime



Obscure words explained 6. – bamboozle


Defraud, trick or cheat

bamboozlers always do this

Trump is a  master


Where’s Reggie Perrin when you need him?

Reggie, we need your GROT

GROT has a new purpose, which is what you intended I believe.

Get Rid Of Trump

How come you saw this so many years ago?


A Wee Don and Boris (An old Scottish farewell)

Doris and Donna

Sporting their bleached Wombat hairdo’s

ruling their Kingstons