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Unusual U.K. place names 72. – Mevagissey


Once called Porthilly

Old parish name Limorrick

well known for Pilchards

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Obscure words explained 82 – abracadabra

I have written three versions of this word because it is very complicated to explain in 17 syllables.

ABRACADABRA – Ab’r achad ab’ra (Aramaic and/or Arabic origin

1.Concerning the bull

it’s  the one and only one

a name for the sun

2. Used by magicians

to perform their magic tricks

a magical spell

3. A magical spell

inscribed on an amulet

to cure deadly ills

For those readers with a mind to do so, I hope you ask yourself the question: is there such a thing as magic?  Sir James George Frazer in his book the Golden Bough thought so.

He explained that contagious and homeopathic magic (both generally referred to as sympathetic magic) were valid and practiced throughout the world in one form or another. This magic (these magics) basically formed the basis of our religions.

I have always wanted to throw the cat among the pigeons Ah yes! it’s a full moon.


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Unusual U.K. place names 62. – Petty France

PETTY FRANCE, Gloucestershire

Not remrkable

not much history to tell

not written, that is.


Obscure words explained 84. – toponym


Word for a place name

Especially one derived

from local features


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Unusual U.K. place names54. – Wyre Piddle

WYRE PIDDLE, Worcestershire

famous brewery

Brewed “Piddle in the Hole” beer

On Piddle Brook

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Unusual U.K. place names 53. – Moreton in Marsh

MORETON in MARSH, Gloucestershire

Farmstead on the moor

Romans, Saxons came after

Iron-age settlers