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Asian Fare

Asian Fare

I like Chinese food he said
Why’s that? He was asked
It’s got a taste, but I can’t declare
The flavour sometimes masked.

Allow me then to take you,
On a little tour
We’ll begin perhaps with India
And then Japan for more.

Refrigeration is paramount
To keep food fresh and nice
But when it gets to a certain point
You have to use some spice.

Garam Masala’s good and hot
And so is Madras curry
Important though that when you cook
Do it slowly, do not hurry.

Koreans like to pickle
And of course they serve with rice
Kim-chi is a favorite dish
But not like bread to slice

It’s hot and spicy and then fermented
Exotic food that they invented
To use the cabbages that they grow
Fields and fields, row after row

Viet-Nam has Pho, a tasty noodle soup
With chicken that comes straight from the coop
And then there’s China and its cuisine
Strange snake bile soup and owl spleen

Of course Chinese pepper has a fragrant smell
Makes many dishes go down really  well
Especially when served with rice
Brings the taste to twice as nice

After China there’s Japan
Cultural creations made by man
Kaiseki, Japan’s most expensive eats
Carefully made artistic feasts

But being honest, you have a choice
Drive through a Subway and with your voice
Speak to an electronic clown
It will take your order down

And deliver it at window number two
Their creation will be made just for you.
Enjoy your sandwich, lunchtime fare
Often made with Asian care.



The Press Conference




 On Thursday Trumpty met with the press

His erratic ramblings however, a mess.

His White House he claims is a fine tuned machine

He’s been drinking his bathwater or else in a dream.

Trumpty is mad, as in insane

His remarks and his lies incredibly inane

And day after day his so-called facts they get more wrong

His nose if you’ve noticed, increasingly long

Soon it will be a Trump Tower on his face

A tower going sideways and quite out of place.

Trumpty’s a fumbler, doesn’t know what he doing

He should go to his window and hear them all booing. 


His public attempts at being sincere

Are so patently false and it is unclear

Exactly what he hopes to achieve

Maybe a rabbit from out of his sleeve

A look at some he wants on his cabinet staff

Their qualifications make us all laugh. 


What a bellicose fellow he turns out to be

Talk about blowing up Russian ships out at sea

He thinks like a bully and that thinking is poor

Maybe he wants to take us to war.

And what’s with his meeting at his seaside resort

He’ll complain if the press makes a report 


Claiming it’s just news that is fake

He’ll say all he was doing, was eating a steak.

With his new found friend all the way from the East

Sharing a meal at a movable feast.

As for questions it seems he picks and he chooses

But none of them about hot Russian Floozies. 


He does not wait till the question’s been asked

But starts to answer too soon and too fast.

It’s rude of him to say the least

Perhaps he’s in hurry to return to his feast


The White House it seems has become quite a bore

He prefers his play-pen on the Florida shore.

Pity it’s not at a Marine World park

Where there he could be eaten by a terrorist shark.