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Jobs of Days Gone By #12. – The Scrivener


Worked on Wills and Deeds

Always writing legibly

Since replaced by Word


An Election is Coming

An Election is coming

Con Donny’s getting fat

put another cheeseburger in the MAGA man’s hat.

Another gram of LDL won’t kill him that’s for sure

Only trouble is, HDL is out the door.

Another dose of hydroxychloroquine

or Panequil as it is known

A Sanofi  investment owned by Con Donny himself

The Stock market has shown.


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Obscure words explained 102 – ban sidhe

BAN SIDHE (Banshee)

Old Irish, Fairy

Vengeful if one offends them

Clodhna their Queen

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Unusual UK place names 61. – Over

OVER,  South Gloucestershire

Over Court burned down

The White Lady of Over

Haunts each New Year’s Eve